L'Echappée | 6 x 75 cl

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Tasting notes
Great unfiltered beer made from hops with notes of citrus fruits. It benefits from a type of wheat malt that gives it a fresh and light note. L’Echappée is a pure and uncompromising beer containing no added flavours or sugar. Its unique taste derives from double fermentation originating in yeast whose secret is only known to the creators. L’Echappée stands out for its fine froth and its aromatic notes.

Food-wine pairing
The L’Echappée quenches a raging thirst perfectly, but can also be enjoyed to accompany all dishes that do not go along with wine particularly well, such as artichokes or rhubarb. Also ideally suited to dishes containing pickled onions, chutneys, dried fruit, or food with caramelised or roasted flavours.

Data sheet

Accords gastronomiques
Grape variety
Place of production
Alcohol content
6.0% vol.
Serving temperature
5° C

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